Team Broken Tranny
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captains log

Captains Log


2010 Season:


§  Stardate 11/2009:  The call goes out to the greater Franklin area.  Lemons is on!  July 25th is our date with destiny.

§  Stardate 1/2010:  The optimal racing machine is found (thanks craigslist).

§  Stardate (ok that’s enough geeky references) 2/2010:  Honest-to-God-Racing seat is found with belts and everything.  Feels great sitting on the floor.  Vrroomm, vrrroom......  Whaahaat?  Rollcages cost how much?

§  3/2010:  IT'S ALIVE!!   After considerable effort by master tech and all-around-good-guy Joel, the trans flux capacitor is found to be defective.

§  4/2010:  Car overheats and leaves an Icelandic volcano plume over Sharon.  Uggg…..

§  5/2010:  Holy Crap the application is due WHEN?????  How the fuc#$*!! do I build a website????

§  6/2010:  The race is a few weeks away and getting everyone together to try to prep this car is like herding cats.  Somehow, we get it done right down to the wire.

§  7/2010:  And then…WE RACE!  No one dies, the car only broke a couple of times and survived in one piece.  All around victory for sure.  We came in 27th overall out of about 80 or so cars.  We had fun and learned a lot.  Can’t ask for more.

§  11/2010:  The car is sitting EXACTLY as it was left in the garage.  Crap everywhere.  That racing suit was shared by 5 guys in July.  It’s got more stank on it than Lindsey Lowhan’s _______ (fill in the blank).




2011 SEASON:


§  1/2011:  Team meeting to figure out what we want to do this year.  Loudon looks great!  Even as novices, we don’t want to go back to Stafford.  It would be nice to try out a track where you don’t just leave it in 3rd gear for the ENTIRE track.

§  2/26/11:  Damn it.  Application day has finally come.  Time to get off my ass and get the application in.  Jesus, the go-daddy web site tools suck royal donkey _____ (fill in the blank).


About Our Mascot


Fudwabbit.  That’s her (his?) name.  Dan thought it was cute and cuddly.  With the passage of time, this kind of creeps us out a little.  But, not as much as our first mascot which was sort of a deranged Tim Curry in drag.  It’s kind of hard to imagine how Tim Curry in drag might get more deranged, but somehow this was the case.  In any event, if we win all the nickels, maybe we’ll have some Fudwabbits made for the impoverished and sexually confused children of the world. 




   HIDE THE CHILDREN !                         Cute and cuddly....















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