Team Broken Tranny
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The 24 Hours of Lemons:

Team Broken Tranny

Grab Life by the Lemons !

(Just don’t squeeze too hard….

cause that shit really hurts….)


:  What do you get when cross a bunch of folks who are die-hard car nuts, like to have a good time and have no actual sense of pride with a struggle to find a team concept that is guaranteed to be different enough to secure a spot in the race?


Answer:  Team Broken Tranny!

The Story

What could be better than a beautiful spring day, exotic automotive machinery and skimpy sun dresses?  Probably not much, unless it’s a bunch of middle aged guys wearing the dresses and the “exotic machinery” cost $500.  That, pretty much, is a recipe for a cultural disaster befitting the prestigious 24 Hours of Lemons. 

In an effort to come up with an original theme and simultaneously make our wives nervous, we came up with Team Broken Tranny.  (There is a double entendre if you look really hard for it.)  Our highly imaginative story for our 2010 indoctrination into POS racing was that one of us was considering make the trans-gender change.*  (Editors note to wives and mothers:  this is entirely fictitious in order to win the affections of the Lemons Judges…. Although we do sometime worry about Cam…..). 

For the 2012 season, the monumental event driving us toward Lemons glory (in our minds) is that this POS car actually had the nerve to start.  We rode this little pony hard and put it away wet in 2010 (Stafford), again in 2011 (Loudon) and now hopefully in 2012 at Loudon.  We figure we are pretty much playing with house money at this point.  The car literally sits under a tarp for a year at a time and let-me-tell-you the feral cat living in it was not at all pleased to be evicted.Now, we don’t mean to be pessimistic, but the likelihood of this beast coming to life after another winter under a tarp is roughly equivalent to St. Peter “high-fiving” Kim Jong-IL on the way through the pearly gates.

This little crap-can seems to want another go at it, so we are wicked psyched!  Note that by saying “another go at it” we don’t actually plan on winning a damn thing.  If we can finish the race while staring-down mechanical disaster with duct tape and bailing wire……  well, then……  victory will be ours!


* PC disclaimer:  BE IT KNOW TO ALL PARTIES that we pretty much like everyone.  To anyone reading this that is sensitive to the needs of transgender-er-er folks and not pleased reading this, we don’t mean to be anti-transgender in any way.  We do, however, mean to be anti-PC entirely.  Thank you very much and go get a sense of humor.




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